Member quotes

A club lives through its members. Thanks to numerous committed, courageous and experienced mobility designers, we as Mobility Allstars e.V. have a unique voice in the mobility industry, which we carry to the D-A-CH region and beyond. You can read what makes our non-profit association special in the following statements from individual members.

Simon Weiher

“Sustainable mobility is an absolutely central topic for me. Successful solutions transcend company boundaries. At the Mobility Allstars I meet motivated people who are driving the mobility transition in their area. The regular exchange is a great pleasure and I am convinced that new initiatives and alliances will soon emerge from this network.”

Kerstin Hurek

“For me, the transport transition means an increase in quality of life. We have to take everyone with us, those in the city and those in the country. Solutions are not always easy, but require a massive rethink or unconventional thinking. That’s exactly what I find at Mobility Allstars: people who think outside the box from a variety of perspectives. This makes the transport transition diverse.”

Clemens Rath

“Mobility transition. Make. The change to sustainable mobility can only be achieved with well-coordinated interaction between all modes of transport. This is what I have been advocating for years with leading mobility providers and this is what the Mobility Allstars stand for. They combine competence and commitment, driving forward sustainable mobility concepts with a strong voice in politics and business.”

Stefan Musat

“The mobility transition is like creating a complex network of paths and digital connections. At Mobility Allstars, I value the exchange in a successful network of industry experts whose know-how is as broad as the diversity of mobility itself. Together we want to shape the future of mobility sustainably and give all modes of transport their space.”

Christoph Ulusoy

“As the founder of a mobility startup, I find an exchange with like-minded people at the Mobility Allstars. The members are united by the desire to shape the mobility transition with great products and solutions. This always creates extremely exciting connections between the individual members.”

Andreas Krüger

“The successful design of sustainable mobility ecosystems requires a well-founded, interdisciplinary discourse. The unique, cross-industry expert network of the Mobility Allstars creates the perfect framework for this.”

Tobias Heußler

“Whether by car, train, public transport or plane – modern mobility depends on cooperation between providers. With their experts, the Mobility Allstars offer an excellent platform for rethinking mobility in a cooperative, inspiring and free of individual corporate interests.”