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Our credo is: Mobility is not a one-way street.

New ways of living and working as a result of the corona-crisis, technological progress, an increasing relevance of sustainable solutions and also the realization that the existing infrastructure cannot be expanded indefinitely, make us aware that we urgently have to rethink the available mobility solutions. Even though this topic is urgent and of high relevance to many, there is a lack of constructive solutions. 

At Mobility Allstars we believe that all modes of transport are stars. Depending on a great variety of individual needs and situations each mode of transport is relevant. A better quality of live and an improved competitive position of the D-A-CH-Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) result from an ideal integration of all mobility offers – from bicycle to air taxi.

You think that mobility is a powerful engine of our economy?
You believe that an integrative solution of combined mobility is the key to success?
You are an innovative maker from the mobility industry?
And you want to accelerate the transformation of mobility in the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)?

On the basis of an objective fact-based discussion we seek for answers that help us to guide the transformation of mobility.

We are looking for like-minded people, doers who want to actively tackle the mobility transition with us. Have we sparked your interest? Then we invite you to become a member of Mobility Allstars!

Your benefits at a glance

For private individuals

You want that your ideas to transform mobility in the D-A-CH-Region are being noted by others? With us you have the opportunity to engage with mobility service providers, politicians and scientists. Develop your own idea from concept to realization and become a game-changer!

For mobility providers

Your objective is to get feedback already during the idea generation stage? Use our network of experts and enthusiasts in order to co-create the mobility of tomorrow with potential customers. Benefit not only from valuable feedback, but also from insights from politics and cooperation partners.

For politicians

You understand mobility as an important location factor and you seek to offer future-oriented mobility solutions? At Mobility Allstars you encounter all relevant topics, evaluated by your voters and with the potential to make the D-A-CH-Region a pioneer in modern mobility solutions. Announce tenders, gain insights of the mobility of tomorrow and support projects that help to improve quality of live and the competitive position. 

For scientists

Doing research and writing papers is not enough for you? You want to see your findings implemented and you want to contribute to improving quality of live and the competitive position of locations? Join us and discuss with our community of experts and enthusiasts about the mobility of the future.

Your fee

Due to our non-profit status, we acquire donations, grants and membership fees to finance our targeted activities (e.g. to support science and research).

As an exclusive member, you support the association’s goals with your membership fee of EUR 10.00 per month. In this way you make a contribution to accelerating the mobility transition in the D-A-CH region. Smaller companies with up to 50 employees and an annual turnover of less than EUR 5.0 million pay EUR 50.00 per month. A one-time admission fee is due to cover the association-related administrative expenses.

You can find more details and the full fee schedule here.

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