Today for tomorrow: Let’s rethink mobility and create a new future together!

You believe that mobility and quality of life are highly interdependent? And you also believe that the transformation of mobility is far too slow? Mobility Allstars brings together all those who want to make a change for the D-A-CH-Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) – from individuals to corporations, politics and science. Together we provide fresh impetus and challenge the status quo of mobility!

Our vision and our objectives

As a non-profit association, we are pursuing the goal of accelerating the mobility transition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is how we increase the quality of life and the attractiveness of the location. Each mode of transport has its own situational justification.

In all our activities, we are guided by our vision of promoting sustainable mobility solutions by constructively creating pressure for change among decision-makers in politics and business. Sustainable mobility solutions are geared towards the common good: They are sustainable, needs-based and simple and thus represent the core element of the mobility transition.

We provide a platform for doers and thinkers of the mobility industry and help them to benefit from each others experiences and perspectives and we make their voices being heard. We support selected projects with a high impact on the transformation of mobility and we attract public attention. For this we strive for a close cooperation with science, businesses and politics.

Our view on the transformation of mobility

The transformation of mobility makes our transport systems more efficient and climate-friendly. However, any mode of transport is relevant and a total optimum can only result from a well-coordinated cooperation of all. This will make the transformation of mobility improve living conditions and improve the competitive position of the region.

Our offers for members

We offer mobility creators a platform so that they can be heard and benefit from each other. We support relevant projects to shape the mobility transition and draw the public’s attention to them. We are looking for close ties between corporates, politics, science or research.

We offer you an exclusive network of like-minded people: project leaders, mobility managers, political decision-makers, mobility researchers and many others who have a lot to say about mobility. Here you can live out your ideas and your energy for the mobility of tomorrow beyond your regular job, without reservation and without hierarchies. Together we want to make a difference and make our contribution to intelligent, livable mobility concepts and solutions.

We develop common positions and actively bring them to bear in politics, business and science. As a non-profit association, Mobility Allstars e.V. needs your support:

  • Become part of our community as a member and exchange ideas with like-minded people

  • Establish new contacts in an exclusive network and open up new personal and professional perspectives

  • Gather valuable impulses in specialist and themed workshops or become a source of inspiration yourself

  • Use our community and get valuable feedback and support from experts on your own ideas and concepts

  • Receive preferential, partly exclusive and discounted access to our events and become a recipient of our newsletter

  • Do something good and support a meaningful cause with your annual contribution (including a tax-effective donation receipt)

With your membership, your commitment and your financial donation, you support targeted activities that accelerate the mobility transition and thus increase the quality of life for all of us. As a non-profit association, we are committed to our statutory goals and use our resources as efficiently as possible.

Our offers for companies

We offer our company members access to our community: They come into direct contact with industry insiders and high potentials and can also discuss topics, projects or other activities related to the mobility transition with them. Interest groups and high-profile initiatives can result from this.

With their financial contributions and donations, companies make a meaningful contribution to promoting modern and sustainable mobility. As a result, the image and level of awareness of the company as well as everyone’s quality of life are increased.

We also offer our company members exclusive funding opportunities (e.g. sponsorship) for selected events. In this way, companies can express their interest in certain topics and position themselves as members of the Mobility Allstars community in a targeted manner.